The Mantle of Wrath

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[   The Mantle of Wrath   Ornamental cope.png
Base item orcish cloak
When carried
When worn
When invoked (none)
Base price 2500 zm
Weight 10

The Mantle of Wrath is an artifact that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is chaotic, and its base item is an orcish cloak.


The Mantle of Wrath is normally found in the possession of the ogre emperor within the Mordor Ruins variant of the Chaos Quest, where he sits in a throne room within the eastern section of the Mordor Fortress.


The Mantle of Wrath grants no AC or DR of its own due to its base item, but it can be safely enchanted to +7. While carried, it grants fire resistance and aggravate monster; while worn, it additionally confers acid resistance and half spell damage, along with blocking all sources of aggravate monster.