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An ogre king, O, is a type of monster that appears in NetHack. It is the strongest type of ogre, with a stronger weapon attack than other ogres.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Ogre kings are now known as ogre tyrants, with "king" and "queen" being gendered titles.


Ogre kings may be peaceful towards chaotic characters. Ogre lords can grow up into ogre kings.

Ogre kings may appear among the random O that make up 14% of randomly generated monsters on the Barbarian quest and are placed at level creation on floors below the home level. A hostile ogre king may occupy the throne of a throne room generated at dungeon level 9 or deeper, and hostile ogre kings can also be generated by the summon nasties monster spell.

Ogre kings are generated with some gold and either a club (23 chance) or a battle-axe (13 chance), and are eligible for offensive, defensive and miscellaneous items.[1] As ogre kings are overlords to their kind, any weapons they generate with will be at least +1.


Ogre kings can prove surprisingly dangerous: Despite a lack of resistances and a mediocre AC, they can move faster than a player character without speed, and can hit quite hard if generated with a battle-axe. Their MR score of 60 also makes weakening them with spells, wands and/or potions notably more difficult. Even decently-equipped players should treat them with caution from the mid-game on: ogre kings lack the variety of dangers present in various other monsters that can be created with a summon nasties spell, but their physical damage can add up unless the player is attentive and/or has sufficient defenses, especially while they are surrounded by other nasties.


The ogre king is introduced in NetHack 3.0.0.

From NetHack 3.1.0 to NetHack 3.2.3, ogre kings could appear among the random O that composed 3% of randomly generated monsters in the Elf quest and were generated on the locate and goal floors at level creation.


An ogre (feminine "ogress") is a legendary monster depicted as a large, hideous humanoid being that eats ordinary humans, especially infants and children. Ogres frequently feature in mythology, folklore, literature, and fiction throughout the world, and are most often associated with fairy tales and legend. Ogres are also sometimes depicted with disproportionately large heads, abundant hair, unusually-colored skin, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. Tales featuring well-known ogres include in "Puss in Boots" and "Hop-o'-My-Thumb".

Ogres are closely linked with giants and with human cannibals in mythology; giants in both folklore and fiction are often given ogrish traits (e.g. the giants in "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Jack the Giant Killer", the Giant Despair in The Pilgrim's Progress, and the Jötunn of Norse mythology), while ogres may be given giant-like traits. Ogres also appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game as large, powerful humanoids with slightly below average intelligence, and have occasionally featured as playable characters.

The ogres of NetHack derive their stats from the 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, which describes ogres as ugly-tempered, voracious and fond of treasure. They can be found in virtually any terrain, including subterranean areas, and usually serve as mercenaries for orcs, gnolls and/or evil clerics. Ogres also freely dwell near the territories of trolls and some giants, and are sometimes enslaved by demons. Ogres range from "dull blackish-brawn to dead yellow" in color, and wear any sort of skins or furs; they are said to care well for their weapons and armor, despite the slovenly traits associated with them and other folkloric ogres.


Some variants make adjustments so that female counterparts to the ogre king are properly named and generated.


In SLASH'EM, ogre kings hit as a +1 weapon.

In older versions, ogre kings appear among the random O that composed 3% of randomly generated monsters on the Gnome quest, including the ones generated on the levels between the home and goal floors at level creation.


In GruntHack, ogre kings are replaced by racial monster kings and queens, which ogres are eligible to generate as.


In dNetHack, an ogre king may occupy the throne of a throne room - his court can contain ogre mages, ogre lords, ogres, orc-captains, Mordor orcs, tengu, trolls, and one or more random giant humanoids.


In xNetHack, the monster is referred to as an ogre tyrant, with females referred to as ogre queens.


In EvilHack, the monster is referred to as an ogre royal, with females referred to as ogre queens.


In Hack'EM, the monster is referred to as an ogre royal as in EvilHack.

Encyclopedia entry

Anyone who has met a gluttonous, nude, angry ogre, will not easily forget this encounter -- if he survives it at all. Both male and female ogres can easily grow as tall as three metres. Build and facial expressions would remind one of a Neanderthal. Its small, pointy, keen teeth are striking. Since ogres avoid direct sunlight, their ragged, unfurry skin is as white as a sheet. They enjoy coating their body with lard and usually wear nothing but a loin-cloth. An elf would smell its rancid stench at ten metres distance.
Ogres are solitary creatures: very rarely one may encounter a female with two or three young. They are the only real carnivores among the humanoids, and its favourite meal is -- not surprisingly -- human flesh. They sometimes ally with orcs or goblins, but only when they anticipate a good meaty meal.

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