Iron shoes

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[   iron shoes   Iron shoes.png
Appearance hard shoes
Slot boots
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 16 zm
Weight 50
Material iron

Iron shoes are a type of non-magical boots that appear in NetHack. They are naturally made of iron, and appear as hard shoes when unidentified. When worn, they grant 2 AC.


Dwarves have a 67 chance of generating with iron shoes in their inventory;[1] Uruk-hai have a 13 chance to generate with iron shoes.[2]


Iron boots and high boots are the only kinds of boots to have a natural AC of 2; iron shoes are much easier to find, particularly in the Gnomish Mines, but weigh more and incur a spellcasting penalty. They are additionally vulnerable to rusting, which among other things can make encounters with rust monsters annoying.

In the early phases of the game, melee roles with limited or no interest in spells and casters looking to prioritize AC will likely grab one of the many pairs of iron shoes they encounter in the mines, and may swap them for lighter high boots if deemed necessary.


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