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Neferet the Green, @, is the Wizard quest leader. She is capable of arcane spellcasting like her apprentices.

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Neferet the Green replaced the Wizard of Balance as Wizard Quest Leader in NetHack 3.4.0, perhaps because Wizards, who were always neutral up to and including NetHack 3.2.3, can now be neutral or chaotic. Your quest leader's alignment is adjusted to match your starting alignment, and it doesn't make sense for a Wizard of Balance to be chaotic.


Neferet the Green may be a reference to Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen of the 18th dynasty, or to Nofret (also sometimes called Neferet or Nefert), an Egyptian princess from the 4th dynasty; 'Nfr-t' is a transliteration of the hieroglyphs meaning "beautiful woman". Given that the Wizard role uses a Pantheon of Egyptian gods, a reference to Ancient Egypt seems likely.

Encyclopedia entry

Neferet the Green holds office in her hidden tower, only reachable by magical means, where she teaches her apprentices the enigmatic skills of occultism. Despite her many years, she continues to investigate new spells, especially those involving translocation. It is further rumored that when she was an apprentice herself, she accidentally turned her skin green, and has kept it that way ever since.

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