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A magic portal ^ is a type of trap that takes you to a different section of the dungeon. Portals can be found:

Single-use portals are also technically generated when the Eye of the Aethiopica is used to branchport between dungeon branches, although you never get to see them.

Note that unlike the teleport trap and level teleporter, a portal will transport you even if you have magic resistance.

To find the portals, see Portal detection methods.

Activating portals

A magic portal is always activated when you move onto its square. The Fort Ludios, Wizard's Tower and Quest portals transport you onto a corresponding return portal. While standing on the portal, it will be activated if you #sit, provided there are no objects on the ground.

Wizard mode

In wizard mode, magic portals can be wished for. Stepping on them causes instadeath (DYWYPI); technically this counts as escaping the dungeon, but the game still ends instantly. Even wizmode life saving doesn't prevent it.

Encyclopedia entry

Portals can be Mirrors, Pictures, Standing Stones, Stone
Circles, Windows, and special gates set up for the purpose.
You will travel through them both to distant parts of the
continent and to and from our own world. The precise manner
of their working is a Management secret.

[ The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, by Diana Wynne Jones ]

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