Dragon Caves

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This article is about the new branch in UnNetHack. For the dragon-containing branch in SLASH'EM, see Wyrm Caves.

The Dragon Caves are a new branch in UnNetHack, brought over from NetHack brass R/S.

The Dragon Caves are located deep within Gehennom, and consist of multiple dragon- and purple worm-infested caverns. Trees and muddy swamps are found throughout their levels.

The Dragon Caves are the only location in the game where chromatic dragons are generated. Several are guaranteed to appear in a lair at the end of the branch. Their scales can be converted into a valuable armor that grants most of the resistances available from dragon scale mails in UnNetHack, including petrification resistance.

In the most recent development version, the Dragon Caves are accessed via a magic portal in the Valley of the Dead.

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