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A dead tree is a dungeon feature that appears in UnNetHack, EvilHack and Hack'EM. Dead trees are based on a similar feature in NetHack brass.


In addition to being randomly generated, trees will be turned into dead trees if they are hit with something that kills them, e.g. fire or death rays.


A dead tree can be cut down by applying any axe, which takes half the time of a regular tree.

Kicking a dead tree has a 15 chance of generating a hostile raven, a 15 chance of knocking down the tree and removing it, 15 chance of hurting your leg, and a 25 chance of nothing happening. If the dead tree has already generated a raven, there is instead a 12 chance of nothing happening, a 14 chance of hurting your leg, and a 14 chance of kicking down the tree.

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