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) Aklys.png
Name aklys
Appearance thonged club
Damage vs. small 1d6
Damage vs. large 1d3
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill club
Size one-handed
Base price 4 zm
Weight 15
Material iron

An aklys, known as a thonged club when unidentified, is a kind of weapon commonly used by gnomes and is hence frequent junk in the Gnomish Mines.

For most purposes, an aklys is just a club made of iron, with no advantage other than that it weighs less. It does the same amount of damage as a club (1d6 to small creatures, 1d3 to large creatures), and is worth just one zorkmid more than a club.

Unlike the regular club, the aklys is coded as a projectile weapon,[1] so it gets a +2 to-hit bonus when thrown.[2] However, since it does relatively little damage and cannot be stacked (and therefore multishot), this is probably not a significant tactical advantage over a regular club.


In addition to being dropped by gnomes, the aklys can be randomly generated (on the floor, as a death drop, or in shops), and makes up about 0.8% of weapons generated in this way.

Although many gnomes drop an aklys, the weapon is actually not specific to that monster. It is one of several default weapons that can be generated on any monster that does not have the strong monster attribute and can use a weapon but has not received one.[3] Gnomes are among the few weapon-using monsters that are not "strong", and they are spawned in large numbers in the early game, in the Mines, so in practice one is more likely to remember seeing a gnome using this weapon than any other monster.


  • For early game cavemen not saving their skill slots, the Gnomish Mines can be a great way to get a slight upgrade to their starting weapon, the club, if a better weapon cannot be found. The light weight of the aklys encourages hoarding them, which can then be beatitude tested on the altar in Minetown. A blessed aklys, even unenchanted, at least provides an added 1d4 damage against undead (however puny early game undead may be), while being slightly lighter than a club.
  • The abundance of aklys furthermore makes them a disposable weapon, should they become damaged (such as through a rust monster).
  • For those attempting a gnomish racial ascension, this is often considered the only acceptable weapon, as it is so heavily associated with gnomes.


The word "aklys" comes from the Latin aclys, a Roman missile weapon. According to Roman-era reference works, the aclys is a small javelin or throwing spear, and so the word is usually rendered "javelin" in English translations of Roman works such as the Aeneid. But the term has also been used by historians to refer to thrown blunt weapons from roughly the same time period, so there is a factual basis for making the aklys a thrown club rather than a spear.

NetHack borrows the "thonged club" from Dungeons & Dragons (see History), which probably chose the 'club' version because there are numerous piercing missile weapons (javelin, dart, arrow), but relatively few blunt ones.


What is the plural of aklys? This is a difficult question, as the word is not a common one in English. The NetHack weapon does not stack, so it is unclear what the game considers the plural to be, but going by general English rules for plurals of nouns ending in -s, "aklyses" would seem to be the most intuitive answer.

In Latin, the word aclys belongs to the third declension (category of nouns sharing the same rules for conjugation), so its plural is "aclydes". However, given that "aklys" is an English word, not a Latin one, it may be pedantic to assume that the Latin rules need to be followed.


In D&D, the aklys appears in Unearthed Arcana (by Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D) as well as Dragon Magazine Vol. 7, No. 2 (August 1982). It was described as "a weighted, shortish club with a stout thong (leather strap) attached to the butt. While it can be used as a hand-held striking weapon, its principal employment is as a missile. Once hurled, the aklys be retrieved by its thong."[4] It weighed the same as 35 gold pieces, and its damage was identical to that of NetHack.

In NetHack, the aklys first appeared in NetHack 1.3d, where it had a relative probability of 1 in 99[5], a "rarity" it shared with many objects, including even the katana, and weighed three units (the heaviest weapon at the time, the two handed sword, weighed four units; a dragon corpse weighed 150). As of 3.4.3, the damage remains unchanged.


In dNetHack, an aklys can be (a)pplied to pound targets, like a polearm.

Encyclopedia entry

A short studded or spiked club attached to a cord allowing
it to be drawn back to the wielder after having been thrown.
It should not be confused with the atlatl, which is a device
used to throw spears for longer distances.