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) Bow.png
Name bow
Appearance bow
Damage vs. small 1d2
Damage vs. large 1d2
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill bow
Size one-handed
Base price 60 zm
Weight 30
Material wood

A bow is a launcher for arrows. You should not bash monsters with it, or throw it—instead, wield it in your hands, then throw arrows (or fire them from your quiver).

In addition to the regular bow, there are elven, orcish, and Japanese bows.

Interestingly, bows count as one-handed weapons, so you can switch to one without removing your shield, and wielding a cursed bow will still leave one hand free. In SLASH'EM, however, they are two-handed.


Main article: arrow

The enchantment of a bow contributes to its to-hit (accuracy), but not to damage. The arrows' enchantment contributes to both accuracy and damage; unless you have maximized the enchantment for your arrows, it's probably better to enchant them first before doing anything to your bow.

Bow skill

Max Role

The following launchers use bow skill:

The following types of ammo use bow skill:

The only are at least two artifact bows: the Longbow of Diana and Plague (SLASH'EM only).

The bow skill is only exercised when you fire arrows from a bow wielded as the primary weapon; although the fire command appears to work if the bow is in the off-hand, you are actually just throwing arrows by hand.

Encyclopaedia entries

"Stand to it, my hearts of gold," said the old bowman as he
passed from knot to knot. "By my hilt! we are in luck this
journey. Bear in mind the old saying of the Company."
"What is that, Aylward?" cried several, leaning on their bows
and laughing at him.
"'Tis the master-bowyer's rede: 'Every bow well bent. Every
shaft well sent. Every stave well nocked. Every string well
locked.' There, with that jingle in his head, a bracer on
his left hand, a shooting glove on his right, and a
farthing's-worth of wax in his girdle, what more doth a
bowman need?"
"It would not be amiss," said Hordle John, "if under his
girdle he had four farthings'-worth of wine."

[ The White Company, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ]

The samurai is highly trained with a special type of bow,
the yumi. Like the ya, the yumi is made of bamboo. With
the yumi-ya, the bow and arrow, the samurai is an extremely
accurate and deadly warrior.

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