Gauntlets of power

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gauntlets of power
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
Base price 50 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

The gauntlets of power, often abbreviated to GoP, are gloves that appear in NetHack. Their weight of 30 makes them the heaviest set of gloves.


Wearing gauntlets of power sets your strength to 25 regardless of enchantment and will auto-identify them; therefore, it also affects the accuracy and damage of melee attacks and thrown weapons, and also increases carrying capacity. Mjollnir can only be thrown while wearing gauntlets of power.

They interfere with spellcasting, being made of iron; however, this allows them to be distinguished from other gloves without wear-testing using an unidentified touchstone, as it will make a "scritch, scritch" noise. They also give a -2 penalty to hit with bows.

As of NetHack 3.6.1, gauntlets of power add 3-6 damage to a monster's weapon attacks.[1] They have no effect on monsters that cannot wield weapons.


Main article: Strength

Even though gauntlets of power are made of metal, wizards may still want to wear them to shore up their strength. A wizard wearing neither a robe nor any other metal armor will have a 4% general spell failure rate with 18 intelligence, or 3% with 19 or higher intelligence, which may be acceptably low. Characters who are less naturally adept at casting spells, however, may experience a much greater increase in spell failure rates unless wearing a robe.

These gloves are optimal for melee characters and can be quite helpful if found, but are probably not worth a wish; a strength level of 18/01 or above makes the bonuses of gauntlets of power marginal, and is also easy to obtain for most characters.

Be aware that due to how exercise works, you cannot train strength while wearing them; actual strength increases will still occur as normal. Unless it severely impacts combat performance, it may benefit some characters to remove them during tasks that actively or passively exercise the attribute, e.g., solving Sokoban. This is largely moot if you do not plan on replacing the gauntlets as your primary gloves, however.


In SLASH'EM, gauntlets of power do not automatically raise your strength to 25. Instead, they set your strength to 18/**; your strength is then further modified by the gauntlets' enchantment: a +1 pair will give you 19 strength, while a -1 pair will give you 18/99. Valkyries can safely enchant gauntlets of power up to +7, which allows them to gain the 25 strength required to throw Mjollnir.


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