Gauntlets of dexterity

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gauntlets of dexterity
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
Base price 50 zm
Weight 10
Material leather

Gauntlets of dexterity, often abbreviated to GoD, are common ascension kit gloves. Each point of positive enchantment on the gloves increases the wearer's dexterity. Similarly, each point of negative enchantment decreases the wearer's dexterity.

Putting on gauntlets of dexterity auto-identifies the gloves unless they're +0. Price identification can help you differentiate between these and leather gloves; wearing the gloves can help you differentiate between these and gauntlets of power and gauntlets of fumbling.


The main effect of Dexterity is on your chance of hitting, but by the time you can find and enchant a pair of GoD, you usually have enough experience, weapon skill, and Luck to hit most of the time anyway. They may be most useful to spellcasters using attack spells such as magic missile and finger of death, which often miss monsters with good AC. They are also potentially useful for Monks to partially offset the -20 to hit penalty should they choose to wear body armor. Since chances of hitting with a thrown cockatrice egg or a potion of paralysis cannot be improved by anything but high Dexterity score, you may find GoD useful should you wish to stone or paralyze a monster from distance, although even with 23 Dexterity there is a 12% chance of missing. Hitting with a wielded egg or potion in melee is still more reliable, if you can afford it.

SLASH'EM adds The Gauntlets of Defense, a pair of artifact gauntlets of dexterity that provide half physical damage and can be invoked for toggleable invisibility. SLASH'EM additionally modifies dexterity to improve your AC when at high values. This AC bonus makes gauntlets of dexterity much more attractive in SLASH'EM.

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