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A cockatrice egg can be very useful, but also very dangerous.

Using a cockatrice egg

When thrown, the egg will stone the monster that it hits if the monster is not resistant to petrification. If wielded, the cockatrice egg will stone whatever monster you hit. After either of these, the cockatrice egg is broken and cannot be re-used. Hitting a monster with a stack of eggs will break all of them, not just one.

Obtaining cockatrice eggs

They can be obtained by:

  • Wishing for them.
  • Laying an egg polymorphed into a female cockatrice.
    • Breaking your own eggs costs you 1 point of Luck per egg (up to a maximum of 5 at once).
  • Polypiling meatballs (which can be obtained via the stone to flesh spell).
  • In small numbers (occasionally none) in a cockatrice nest

Keeping a cockatrice egg

Like real eggs, cockatrice eggs need some special care. An egg that is just carried will hatch after a short while. However, an egg that has "timed out" will not hatch and can safely be carried. An egg that is inside a container will not hatch – this is where they need to be if you want them to time out. To tell when the egg has timed out, pick up more than one. If they stack in your inventory they will not hatch.

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