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Straw golems are a type of golem. Along with rope golems, they are one of the two types of golems which do not drop anything when they are killed.

Straw golems are always generated with 20 hit points.[1][2]

Encyclopedia entry

Dorothy leaned her chin upon her hand and gazed thoughtfully
at the Scarecrow. Its head was a small sack stuffed with
straw, with eyes, nose, and mouth painted on it to represent
a face. An old, pointed blue hat, that had belonged to some
Munchkin, was perched on his head, and the rest of the figure
was a blue suit of clothes, worn and faded, which had also
been stuffed with straw. On the feet were some old boots with
blue tops, such as every man wore in this country, and the
figure was raised above the stalks of corn by means of the
pole stuck up its back.

[ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum ]


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