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Tinker is a technique that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM.

All gnomes obtain the technique at experience level 7.


To use the technique, you must not be blinded and wield an applicable object - see upgrading objects for a list of eligible items. When used, you will become occupied until you either complete the technique (which takes [150-technique level] turns) or you are interrupted; there is no specific cooldown afterward, though you will fail to upgrade the object if you are interrupted. The chances of actually upgrading an object after finishing the technique without interruption are dependent on Luck.

Using the tinker technique does not break any conduct, such as polypileless. Items produced will have the same enchantment and beatitude status as the original item.


The tinker technique grants gnomes much earlier access to many common ascension kit items while preserving conducts and saving several wishes. Below is a list of common candidates and the items you can tinker with to obtain them:

Gnomes with an early wish should take this technique into consideration when choosing what to wish for: for gnomes that settle on dragon scale mail the ability to 'guarantee' a cloak of magic resistance makes silver dragon scale mail a much better first wish for them.

All upgraded items can be "upgraded" again to a previous form, which is useful for items where the desired result is not guaranteed: as an example, if you upgrade leather gloves and produce gauntlets of swimming rather than gauntlets of dexterity, you can then "upgrade" those gauntlets of swimming back to leather gloves, and try again. In essence, you will only ever need one of the base item - this also means that even with high Luck, many of the above upgrades will require multiple attempts, whether to obtain a specific desired item or complete a multi-step chain leading to one.

Since tinkering may require multiple tries to obtain a given item, ensure that you will not be interrupted before you can complete your occupation, e.g. by a hostile monster coming into view - you will generally want to lock yourself in a small room with a stockpile of food if upgrading multiple items this way. An early ring of slow digestion is quite useful to this end if you happen across one.