Dwarvish iron helm

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[   dwarvish iron helm   Dwarvish iron helm.png
Appearance hard hat
Slot helm
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 20 zm
Weight 40
Material iron

A dwarvish iron helm is a type of helm. It has the best base AC of all the helms (2 instead of 1) and is very common (in a typical game, a player will likely find at least a dozen on dwarves in the Mines).

Unless wearing a metal helm interferes too much with spellcasting, this is usually the best helm available to players in the early- and mid-game, although being iron, it is susceptible to rust, which means rust traps or rust monsters can quickly decrease the AC it provides.

Despite its higher base AC, though, it isn't very popular for the ascension kit. It doesn't grant any extrinsic, like a helm of telepathy or a helm of brilliance. It's slightly heavier than all other helms. And at maximum enchantment it has an AC of 7, while the elven leather helm has an AC of 8. Also, it will need to be rustproofed in order to maintain its higher AC.


In SLASH'EM, a dwarvish iron helm can be upgraded to a helm of telepathy or a helm of brilliance.

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