Helm of telepathy

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helm of telepathy
Appearance random
Slot helm
AC 1
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material iron

A helm of telepathy is a type of helm. It grants extrinsic telepathy.

Despite being a mind-enhancing helmet, it will affect spell success rates adversely.


The helm of telepathy has the same base price as the other two randomized magical helms, at 50 zorkmids.

It does not auto-identify when worn. That said, its effect is extremely obvious after a short while (unless the player has stacked many turns of detect monsters or has another source of extrinsic telepathy), and can be identified even faster by checking the next non-mindless monster you see with far look while not blind to see whether you can detect it via telepathy.


Main article: telepathy

A lawful character might consider wearing this helm if they intend to murder peaceful humans such as shopkeepers or priests, as Luck and alignment record are more easily regained than telepathy.

While extrinsic telepathy is not essential for the ascension kit, it is still a useful intrinsic, and is thus quite popular. However, it can be rare, and helms of telepathy are not worth a wish to obtain.


In SLASH'EM it can be upgraded from a dwarvish iron helm with 50% probability.

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