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A furnace is a dungeon feature that appears in SpliceHack. At a furnace, you can combine items to create other items. You can also imbue monster corpses and tins into weapons and armor.


There is a guaranteed furnace on the topmost level of Sokoban.



Quaffing from a furnace kills you; the furnace contains lava.


Sitting on a furnace deals fire damage to you.


Dipping anything into a furnace has a 130 chance of blowing up the furnace. Dipping potions or scrolls into a furnace destroys them. If you #dip an item that can survive the lava damage into a furnace, such as a metallic weapon, there is a 130 chance the item becomes blessed, and a 130 chance the item becomes erodeproofed.


At the furnace, type #forge or press Alt Shift F. Use a weapon or armor as the first input item, then select a monster corpse, tin, figurine, or mask as the second item.

  • Imbued weapons deal bonus damage dependant on the attack (ADTYPE) of the monster that was imbued. For example, a long sword imbued with blue dragon essence will shock enemies. This bonus damage is generally 1d6 of whatever the monster's first attack is.
  • When polymorphing while wearing imbued body armor, you will polymorph into the monster type that armor is imbued with. This includes normally non-polymorphable monsters.
    • As of Spl-R-1.1.0, polymorphing into certain non-polymorphable monsters could be a bad idea, as there is sometimes insufficient game logic for your new form. For instance, if you become Medusa, the game will crash, because players can't normally possess a petrifying gaze. Becoming a watch captain is fine, however.
  • You cannot imbue weapons with cockatrice or Rider essence, but everything else is fair game!
  • After imbuing an item, there is a 50% chance the furnace is used up.


Type #forge or press Alt Shift F to create new or changed items while standing at a furnace.

The possible recipes for common items are:[1]


Result Base 1 Base 2
baseball bat club rubber hose
battle axe axe axe
heavy iron ball iron chain boulder
long sword short sword short sword
spiked chain iron chain dagger
spiked chain iron chain knife
triple flail flail flail
tsurugi two-handed sword katana
dwarvish mattock pick-axe axe


Result Base 1 Base 2
helm of telepathy amulet of ESP helmet
shield of reflection amulet of reflection large shield
tinfoil hat dented pot dunce cap
levitation boots high boots ring of levitation
levitation boots low boots ring of levitation
shield of reflection small shield amulet of reflection
cloak of protection plain cloak amulet of guarding


Result Base 1 Base 2
ring of conflict ring of hunger ring of aggravate monster
ring of polymorph control ring of polymorph ring of teleport control
ring of teleport control ring of teleportation ring of polymorph control

Mundane tools

Result Base 1 Base 2
lenses crystal ball towel
lock pick skeleton key skeleton key
skeleton key lock pick lock pick

Magical tools

Result Base 1 Base 2
crystal ball loadstone scroll of identify
crystal ball luckstone scroll of identify
horn of plenty food ration tooled horn
magic flute flute scroll of taming
oilskin sack can of grease bag of holding
oilskin sack can of grease bag of rats
fire horn tooled horn wand of fire
frost horn tooled horn wand of cold
oilskin sack sack can of grease
drum of earthquake leather drum scroll of earth
magic harp harp scroll of taming


Result Base 1 Base 2
wand of create monster wand of polymorph wand of nothing
wand of enlightenment wand of opening wand of light
wand of nothing wand of opening wand of locking


Result Base 1 Base 2
k-ration c-ration food ration
fruitcake slice of cake slime mold
pumpkin pie cream pie pumpkin
apple pie cream pie apple


Result Base 1 Base 2
amulet of reincarnation amulet of life saving amulet of change
amulet of life saving amulet of reincarnation ring of polymorph control


Main article: Artifact (SpliceHack)

The possible recipes for artifacts are:[2]

Result Base 1 Base 2
Frostburn Frost Brand Fire Brand
Mortality Dial Trollsbane Werebane
Squall Sunspot Sonicboom


A furnace could previously be used with the #cook extended command to increase the nutritional value of food, and increase the chance of gaining an intrinsic from that food.