Oilskin sack

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( Bag.png
Name oilskin sack
Appearance bag
Base price 100 zm
Weight 15
Material cloth
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The oilskin sack is a type of container. It behaves exactly as the regular sack, with the exception that a blessed or uncursed oilskin sack will protect the items it contains from becoming wet. A cursed oilskin sack only protects its contents two-thirds of the time.

One can get both weight reduction and water protection by putting an oilskin sack in a bag of holding or vice versa, but this adds time and tedium to accessing items in the nested bags. An oilskin sack can also be used to protect a wand of cancellation that is stored outside your main bag of holding; generally a sack is sufficient for this purpose, but an oilskin sack does let you put a blessed scroll of remove curse in as well.

Oilskin sacks can be identified from the other types of bag by dipping them into a water source; this will produce the message "Some water slides right off the bag."

Encyclopedia entry

Summer passed all too quickly. On the last day of camp, Mr.
Brickle called his counselors together and paid them what he
owed them. Louis received one hundred dollars - the first
money he had ever earned. He had no wallet and no pockets,
so Mr. Brickle placed the money in a waterproof bag that had
a drawstring. He hung this moneybag around Louis' neck,
along with the trumpet, the slate, the chalk pencil, and the
lifesaving medal.

[ The Trumpet of the Swan, by E.B. White ]