Merfolk (starting race)

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Merfolk is a starting race in SpliceHack. Their racial abilities make them very strong spellcasters, and their ability to travel via water make certain sections of the mid game and late game much simpler, reducing the importance of levitation.


Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
20 16 16 20 20 14


In general, merfolk have better than usual starting materials. They begin the game with crossbows instead of bows, oilskin sacks instead of sacks, and tridents instead of spears and maces. Notably, all merfolk start the game with basic skill in trident, and can advance trident to expert level.


  • Level 1: Swimming
  • Level 7: Magical Breathing
  • In addition to their other abilities, merfolk can swim without any of their carried items sustaining water damage.


  • Pull Under: In older versions of SpliceHack, Merfolk had a technique to pull a monster under the water with their tail. If the technique succeeded, the monster would drown, instantly killing them.