Shield of reflection

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[   shield of reflection   Shield of reflection.png
Appearance polished silver shield
Slot shield
AC 2
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material silver

A shield of reflection is type of shield that appears in NetHack. It is the sole magical shield in the game. It is made of silver and appears as a polished silver shield when unidentified, and is referred to as a smooth shield if you are blind.


The statue of Perseus on Medusa's Island has a chance of containing a cursed +0 shield of reflection: the statue on the second 'titan' map has a 14 chance, and has a 34 chance on all other maps.[1][2][3][4]

Angels and Aleaxes have a 14 chance of being generated with a shield of reflection, including the tame guardian Angel generated upon reaching the Astral Plane if you are not generating conflict, and Archons are always generated with one.[5]


When worn, the shield of reflection provides 2 base AC and conveys extrinsic reflection. It gains a damage bonus against against silver-hating monsters if wielded as a weapon.

The shield will auto-identify if it is seen reflecting a ray or gaze attack.[6]


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Although reflection is a crucial property, shields inhibit both twoweaponing and spellcasting, making the shield of reflection a somewhat unpopular choice for the ascension kit of a character that is built to focus on either. Conversely, the shield is more ideal for the ascension kits of characters that are in roles which cannot twoweapon (such as Cavemen and Rangers), and will not urgently need spellcasting outside of situations where the shield can quickly be removed at will. Ascension kits that frequently use the shield often pair it with gray dragon scale mail to keep their amulet and cloak slots free, e.g. for a cloak of protection and/or an amulet of life saving - kits that use shields and have reflection covered via silver dragon scale mail or an amulet will instead opt for an elven shield or even a small shield.

Even characters that want to twoweapon or cast spells may consider it a solid find in the early to mid-game if they do not yet plan to rely exclusively on either, or else have not discovered the amulet of reflection. Spare shields of reflection are quite good for powerful humanoid pets to protect them from rays fired by random wands or breath attacks from dragons - centaurs are notably one of the few eligible steeds that can also wear armor, including shields of reflection.


The shield of reflection first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


The shield of reflection found in the statue of Perseus is based on the shield used by the Perseus of classical folklore: he beheads and kills Medusa by using his polished shield to view her reflection and avoid meeting her gaze directly.


In variants with object materials systems, the shield of reflection may appear as a polished shield when unidentified.

Some variants incorporate the Itlachiayaque patch, which replaces The Orb of Detection with Itlachiayaque as the Archeologist quest artifact: Itlachiayaque typically uses a shield of reflection as its base item.


In SLASH'EM, Devas have a 14 chance of being generated with a shield of reflection, and Planetars and Solars always generate with shields of reflection. One-eyed Sam is also always generated with a shield of reflection.

Mirrorbright is a neutral artifact shield of reflection that acts as the first guaranteed sacrifice gift for Healers. While worn, it confers hallucination resistance in addition to reflection.


In UnNetHack, One-eyed Sam is always generated with a shield of reflection. Durin's Bane has a 13 chance of generating with a shield of reflection.

The shield of reflection is made non-magical, which makes it a viable candidate for a wish obtained from any source including a wand of wishing (which can also create magical items).

UnNetHack also incorporates the Itlachiayaque patch: the artifact is a lawful shield of reflection that confers fire resistance while carried, and grants telepathy and half spell damage while worn. Invoking Itlachiayaque can create a stinking cloud on a square within range, similar to the scroll of stinking cloud.


In dNetHack, a shield of reflection grants 2 base AC, 0 DR and reflection while worn, and it appears as a "polished shield" when unidentified, though it is always made of silver. Its weight is increased to 60 aum.

Argenach Rilmani that generate with a broadsword have a 16 chance of generating with a shield of reflection.

The minor spires encountered in the Outlands of the Neutral Quest may contain a shield of reflection and a silver wand. It may also contain a silver long sword and a shield of reflection if Mirror Brand has already been generated.


xNetHack incorporates Itlachiayaque, but does so much differently compared to other variants: Itlachiayaque is a lawful golden shield of reflection that confers fire resistance while carried and warning while worn; when invoking the artifact, a character can either can create a poison cloud as in other variants, or else search for an object, monster, or furniture symbol as with a crystal ball (much like the Orb of Detection). Schliemann, who replaces the Minion of Huhetotl as the Archeologist quest nemesis, is able to use Itlachiayaque's invoke ability against a player Archeologist.


In SpliceHack, One-eyed Sam is always generated with a shield of reflection.

A small shield or large shield can be combined with an amulet of reflection at a furnace to create a shield of reflection.


In notdNetHack, in addition to dNetHack details, Ose generates with a shield of reflection when summoned by an Illithanachronounbinder.


In EvilHack, the Paladin and Graz'zt are always generated with a shield of reflection.

A shield of reflection can be combined with barding at a forge to create barding of reflection.

The November NetHack Tournament

In The November NetHack Tournament, all Devteam members are generated with a shield of reflection.

The deathmatch opponent can generate with a +4 or +5 shield of reflection if they represent a character that is not a monk, wizard, healer, priest, or barbarian, and does not have an item in the shield slot.


In addition to SLASH'EM details, SlashTHEM incorporates the Itlachiayaque patch, with the artifact serving as the Archeologist's first sacrifice gift and retaining most of its traits.