Shield of reflection

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[   shield of reflection   Shield of reflection.png
Appearance polished silver shield
Slot shield
AC 2
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material silver

The shield of reflection is a rare, but useful item in NetHack. When unidentified, it appears as a polished silver shield; when blind, it is referred to as a smooth shield.


The statue of Perseus on Medusa's Island has a chance of containing a cursed +0 shield of reflection; the second 'titan' variation gives it a 25% chance, while all other variants give it a 75% chance.[1][2][3][4]

Angels and Aleaxes have a 25% chance of being generated with a shield of reflection, while all archons are generated with one.[5]


When worn, the shield provides 2 AC and conveys reflection, true to its name. As it is made of silver, it gains a damage bonus against against silver-hating monsters when wielded as a weapon.


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Although reflection is a crucial property, shields inhibit both twoweaponing and spellcasting, making the shield of reflection a somewhat unpopular choice for the ascension kit. Even so, it is still a solid find for early- to mid-game characters who don't plan to rely exclusively on spells; come the late game, it can serve as a primary or secondary means of reflection for late-game characters who cannot twoweapon, such as Cavemen or Rangers, or else do not want to, and who will not urgently need spellcasting outside of situations where the shield can be removed at will.


In UnNetHack 5.1.0, dNetHack, and SlashTHEM, Itlachiayaque is an artifact shield of reflection that replaces the Orb of Detection as the Archeologist quest artifact.