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[   Mirrorbright   Shield of reflection.png
Base item shield of reflection
When carried (none)
When worn
When invoked (none)
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 50

Mirrorbright is an artifact shield of reflection that appears in SLASH'EM and dNetHack. When worn, it provides hallucination resistance in a manner similar to Grayswandir alongside the usual reflection.


In SLASH'EM, Mirrorbright is neutral for wishing purposes, and is the first sacrifice gift for Healers.


As a shield of reflection, Mirrorbright can be a useful early gift for neutral characters, but its hallucination resistance is only marginally useful in the early game, and is almost completely superseded by a well-enchanted unicorn horn. While Mirrorbright makes reflection more available, characters with early wishes have little reason to select it over a normal shield of reflection.

In addition, wearing Mirrorbright still gives spellcasting penalties even to Healers, forcing them to remove it when they want to heal and limiting its use in combat situations. As their first sacrifice gift, it will also make it more difficult for Healers to obtain an artifact weapon afterwards that can compensate for their generally low hitting power.


In dNetHack, Mirrorbright is a chaotic bronze roundshield that can be enchanted to +7, and has an additional #invoke effect that toggles conflict.


In Hack'Em, Mirrorbright is a neutral shield of reflection, as in SLASH'EM, but it no longer impedes spell casting, making it a somewhat more attractive choice for spell casters. Also, Healers no longer receive Mirrorbright as a sacrifice gift, they get the Drowsing Rod instead.