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[   Mirrorbright   Shield of reflection.png
Base item shield of reflection
When carried (none)
When worn
When invoked (none)
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 50

Mirrorbright is a neutral artifact shield of reflection specific to SLASH'EM. It is the first sacrifice gift for healers. When worn, in addition to the usual reflection, it provides hallucination resistance, much in the manner of Grayswandir.

It is also implemented in dNethack as a chaotic bronze roundshield that can be enchanted to +7, and #invoking toggles conflict. It retains its reflection and hallucination resistance.


The main virtue of Mirrorbright is simply as a shield of reflection that neutrals can receive via sacrifice. This can provide a much-needed property early in the game and/or save a character a wish. However, it is certainly not worth an artifact wish by itself; wish for a normal shield of reflection instead. Hallucination resistance is only marginally useful in the early game, and is almost completely superseded by a well-enchanted unicorn horn.

Unfortunately, Mirrorbright actually poses something of a problem for healers; as their first sacrifice gift, it is rather unhelpful, since shields of reflection make spellcasting - which many healers will rely on - almost useless. Additionally, the guaranteed gift of Mirrorbright makes it far more difficult for healers to acquire an artifact weapon, which only worsens their generally low hitting power.