Mortality Dial

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)   Mortality Dial   File:Executioner's mace.png
Base item executioner's mace
Damage vs. small 1d12 +d10
Damage vs. large 1d12 +d10
To-hit bonus +d10
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill mace
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
  • Hungerless regeneration
  • Prevents monster regeneration
When invoked


Base price 5000 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

Mortality Dial is an artifact weapon that appears in SpliceHack and Hack'EM. Its base item is an executioner's mace and it is non-aligned.

Mortality Dial does not generate randomly.

You can create this artifact by fusing werebane and trollsbane at a forge.


When wielded, the Dial confers regeneration but prevents other monsters from regenerating.


In Hack'EM, the to-hit and damage of the Mortality Dial are a flat +10 bonus instead of 1d10, and the weight is increased to 65 aum. It also prevents pesky trolls and zombies from reviving.


Mortality Dial is introduced in SpliceHack.