Ring of aggravate monster

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Name aggravate monster
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 3
Probability out of rings 3.57%
Probability out of items in:
containers Rogue level Gehennom Elsewhere
0.179% 0.179% 0.286% 0.107%

The ring of aggravate monster is a ring that appears in NetHack.


Rings of aggravate monster are generated cursed 90% of the time.


Wearing this ring gives you the property of aggravate monster, as does eating it.


The ring of aggravate monster is generally considered undesirable, and is frequently used as polypile fodder; however, stealth can override the worst of the ring's effects, and the ring also has a few outside uses. One such use is to lure monsters to a desired location, such as an altar, when you are invisible.


Several flies buzz angrily around the sink.
You dropped a ring of aggravate monster down a sink; this message still prints while blind.

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