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( Horn.png
Name frost horn
Appearance horn
Base price 50 zm
Weight 18
Material bone
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

Some players may confuse the unidentified frost horn with another musical horn (such as the much more common tooled horn). Upon application, the game prompts the player for a direction; the frost horn then acts like a wand of cold, sending a ray in the desired direction, and is identified.

The frost horn is mostly identical to a wand of cold, except it can be recharged an unlimited number of times (up to a maximum of 20 charges at once), and deals 6 to 66 damage rather than 6 to 36 (depending on the circumstance).

An uncharged frost horn behaves as a tooled horn.


Frost horns can be found anywhere a random tool can be generated, and they will be generated with 4 to 8 charges.


You should identify an unknown horn as soon as possible - a frost horn is a good attack weapon, but you don't want to discover that an unidentified horn is actually a horn of plenty when a horde of monsters has you pinned down at the end of a corridor. One YASD is to let the beam bounce from a wall and kill you - DYWYPI?

Answering no to the "Improvise?" prompt lets you use the horn as a musical instrument without using up any charges.

Players who want to wish for an instrument can ask for a "blessed frost horn".

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