Bag of rats

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Name bag of rats
Appearance bag
Base price 100 zm
Weight 15
Material cloth
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A bag of rats is a type of magical container that appears in SpliceHack and Hack'EM. It is made of cloth and appears as a bag when unidentified.


A bag of rats is always generated on the rat level.


When applied, a bag of rats functions similarly to a bag of tricks in NetHack and some of its variants: a charged bag of rats will use up one charge and generate a random rat, while an uncharged bag of rats behaves as a regular magical bag and can be used to store items. Looting a charged bag of rats on the ground will either cause a rat from the bag to bite for 2d4 damage, or else print a message with no other effect. Looting or applying the charged bag will auto-identify it.

Placing a bag of rats into a bag of holding will cause a magical explosion that destroys both bags and scatters the contents of the latter. Charging an uncharged bag of rats that has contents inside will also cause it to explode and scatter the contents.

In SpliceHack, a bag of rats can be combined with a can of grease at a furnace to create an oilskin sack.

In Hack'EM, upgrading a bag of rats produces a bag of holding, and you will be prevented from inserting an identified bag of rats into a bag of holding.


A whiskered critter bites you!
You attempted to loot a charged bag of rats on the ground, and took damage.
The bag emits a petulant squeaking noise and snaps shut.
As above, but nothing happened.
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