Amulet of change

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" Circular amulet.png
Name amulet of change
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 20

An amulet of change is a type of amulet that appears in NetHack.


There is a 13% chance that a randomly-generated amulet will be an amulet of change. This amulet is generated cursed 90.5% of the time, uncursed 9% of the time, and blessed .5% of the time.


When you put on an amulet of change of any beatitude, it will change your gender, auto-identifying the amulet, and then disintegrate afterward. If you are polymorphed into a single-sex monster, your base form's gender will be altered, but not your current one unless you are a foocubus: a player shapeshifted into an incubus wearing an amulet of change will become a succubus, and vice versa.

Putting on this amulet does not break polyselfless conduct. Eating the amulet will have a 15 chance of changing your gender.


Though gender tends to have limited impact on gameplay, the amulet of change has some niche uses: its most notable one is to reliably become female in order to then polymorph into a dragon or other oviparous creature to lay eggs, since there is no other way to polymorph specifically into a female version of a monster.

Tourists looking to maximize their spellcasting potential through raising their experience level and energy may want an amulet of change to make use of the incubi and succubi present on the goal level of their quest. The amulet can also be used to intentionally create and ascend male Valkyries, a role/gender combination that is very hard to get otherwise.


The amulet of change first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


You are suddenly very <feminine/masculine>!
You put on an amulet of change.
The amulet disintegrates!
The amulet was destroyed after being worn.
You don't feel like yourself.
You put on an amulet of change while polymorphed into a single-sex monster, and your character's base sex has changed.

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