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% K-ration.png
Name K-ration
Base price 25 zm
Nutrition 400
Turns to eat 1
Weight 10
Conduct vegan

A K-ration is a kind of comestible in Nethack. It is similar to a cram ration, and is suitable for vegans. K-rations and C-rations are effectively identical, except that K-rations have a higher nutrition value.


K-rations are not normally generated, but soldiers (of all ranks) have a 1/3 chance of starting with one, so they are commonly found while assaulting the castle and Fort Ludios.[1]


K-rations normally provide the highest amount of nutrition per turn, tied with lembas wafers; as of 3.6.1, lembas is superior for elves and inferior for orcs. K-rations also take only one turn to eat; while eating a multi-turn food item will be interrupted if you are attacked, eating a K-ration guarantees you will only be eating for one turn. This makes them valuable for the Astral Plane, especially when facing Famine.


This K-ration is bland.
You ate a non-cursed K-ration.


K-rations were daily combat rations for the US Army in World War I. They were often non-vegetarian.

Encyclopedia entry

The K ration was the [ Quartermaster Subsistence Research
and Development Laboratory's ] answer to the demand for an
individual, easy-to-carry ration that could be used in
assault and combat operations. It was noted for compactness
and superior packaging and was acknowledged as the ration
that provided the greatest variety of nutritionally balanced
components within the smallest space.
        [ Special Rations for the Armed Forces, 1946-53,
          by Franz A. Koehler ]


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