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Hungerless casting or reduced-hunger casting offer reductions in (or elimination of) the nutrition penalty incurred by spellcasting. Both are granted automatically and exclusively to high-intelligence wizards:[1]

Intelligence Reduction
17 or more No hunger penalty
16 25% hunger penalty
15 50% hunger penalty
14 or below or nonwizard 100% hunger penalty

Hungerless casting is very useful, especially when attempting the foodless conduct. The unreduced nutrition penalty for each spell level, with and without the Amulet of Yendor, follows:

Spell level Normal hunger Min with Amulet Max with Amulet
1 10 12 30
2 20 22 60
3 30 32 90
4 40 42 120
5 50 52 150
6 60 62 180
7 70 72 210

Casting the detect food spell never incurs a hunger penalty. Also, if casting a spell would put you at three or less nutrition, your nutrition is set instead to three. Hunger cost is rounded down: for example, casting a level 1 spell with 16 intelligence costs only 2 nutrition.[2]


In SLASH'EM, as in Vanilla, only wizards get hungerless casting: the new magic-specializing roles, flame mages, ice mages, and necromancers, do not.[3]


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