Elven leather helm

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[   elven leather helm   Elven leather helm.png
Appearance leather hat
Slot helm
AC 1
Special (none)
Base price 8 zm
Weight 3
Material leather

An elven leather helm is a type of helm. Despite its unspectacular AC and lack of special effects, it is popular for three reasons: it doesn't interfere with spellcasting, it can safely be enchanted to +7, and it is the lightest of all helms.


Elves are often generated with this item.


Early in the game, it will not ward off falling rocks, as from falling rock traps or scrolls of earth.

Spellcasters often use this helm, since a helm of brilliance or cornuthaum (for Wizards) are difficult to find, and all other useful helms interfere with spellcasting.

Later in the game, it is likely to be burnt in Gehennom, but is likely not worth fireproofing due to its low base AC.