Dwarvish roundshield

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[   dwarvish roundshield   Dwarvish roundshield.png
Appearance large round shield
Slot shield
AC 2
Special (none)
Base price 10 zm
Weight 100
Material iron

The dwarvish roundshield is a kind of shield. When unidentified, it appears as a large round shield.


Dwarvish roundshields are commonly found on well-equipped dwarves, especially in the Gnomish Mines.


When worn, it provides 2 AC. It is one of two shields to provide 2 AC, with the other being the shield of reflection.


Main article: Shield#Strategy

The dwarvish roundshield is likely to be the first 2 AC shield the player finds; despite this, it is very heavy compared to most shields and provides no special properties, so it should be swapped for a shield of reflection, small shield or elven shield as soon as possible.

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