Dwarvish chain mail

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Appearance dwarvish chain mail
Slot body armor
AC 6
Base price 75 zm
Weight 200
Material iron

Dwarvish chain mail is a type of body armor that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. It has a base object material of iron.


Dwarvish characters begin the game with knowledge of dwarvish chain mail, though it does not have an unidentified appearance. Dwarvish Knights begin the game with dwarvish chain mail in place of the role's standard plate mail.

In addition to random generation, armor shops and general stores can stock dwarvish chain mail.

Live dwarves that are not mountain dwarves or racial monsters and are generated with a dwarvish helm have a 13 chance of being generated with dwarvish chain mail. Dwarf nobles that generate with dwarvish chain mail have a 14 of it being made of mithril, while dwarf royals that generate with dwarvish chain mail have a 12 chance of it being made of mithril.

Dwarvish chain mail can be created at a forge by combining chain mail and a dwarvish roundshield.


In Hack'EM only, upgrading elven chain mail will produce dwarvish chain mail (and vice versa).


When worn, dwarvish chain mail provides 6 base AC and MC2 before material adjustments. Dwarves wearing dwarvish chain mail gain a +1 bonus to AC.

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