Gauntlets of swimming

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gauntlets of swimming
Appearance random
Slot gloves
AC 1
  • Swimming
Base price 50 zm
Weight 10
Material leather

Gauntlets of swimming are a type of gloves that appear in SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM. They are made of leather.


Upgrading leather gloves has a 12 chance of producing gauntlets of swimming.


When worn, gauntlets of swimming provide 1 base AC and allow you to move through water similar to an amulet of magical breathing - any rustable items in your open inventory that are not erosion-proofed will be gradually rusted while you swim.


While you may prefer to wear other types of gloves (such as gauntlets of power) in the early or mid game, gauntlets of swimming may be an attractive option (especially later in the game) because they allow you to survive the create pool monster spell. If you enter a body of water, be sure to proof applicable armor and weapons, and keep an oilskin sack around for other rustable valuables.