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Create pool is a monster spell that is new to SLASH'EM. It is a mage spell that can be cast by monsters of level 13 or higher. As its name implies, it creates a pool at the hero's current location, which can be a cause of instadeath by drowning.

Fortunately, the spell is not often selected by monsters if you don't have the Amulet of Yendor.


If you are playing SLASH'EM, you should include in your ascension kit a way of dealing with this spell:

  • Flying, levitation and water walking will prevent you from falling into the pool.
  • Swimming and magical breathing will allow you to survive the fall into the pool; however, your equipment will still suffer water damage.
  • You might be able to climb out of the pool and survive; however, you should not rely on this. Most monsters that can cast this spell can also cast summon nasties, which could result in you being surrounded (especially on a maze level).
  • You might be able to teleport out of the pool; however, relying on this is a bad idea, since it won't work on a no-teleport level.
  • An amulet of life saving will save you from death by drowning. It will obviously not remove the monster who created the pool, leaving you vulnerable to another attack by the same monster.

Be aware that if the spell is cast at the Castle, it creates Lethe waters. In this case, the water damage to your equipment can be devastating, as it not only rusts but also reduces enchantment, among other things. Generally, one should always be flying or levitating at SLASH'EM's castle, if only to avoid accidents with the Lethe waters.

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