Ring of free action

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Name free action
Appearance random
Base price 200 zm
Weight 3
Probability out of rings 3.57%
Probability out of items in:
containers Rogue level Gehennom Elsewhere
0.179% 0.179% 0.286% 0.107%

Wearing a ring of free action gives you the free action extrinsic, which protects you from paralysis.


Identifying a ring of free action indirectly is difficult, since observing the effects would likely require the player to undergo a paralysis attack. Quaffing a potion of paralysis in a locked closet while standing on a permanent Elbereth or scroll of scare monster is probably the absolutely safest method. Meleeing a gelatinous cube is also relatively safe, but the paranoid may perform this under similar circumstances. Keep in mind that attacking any creature will erode Elbereth.

Dropping a ring of free action into a sink produces the message, "You see the ring slide right down the drain!"


Free action includes protection from:

In addition, protection from the paralyzing attacks of the following monsters:

Free action does not:

Eating the ring will give you intrinsic sleep resistance instead of free action.


A ring of free action is useful enough in high-density endgame areas such as Moloch's Sanctum and the Astral Plane that some players will wish or polypile for one if they have not found one by the time they get there. Thrown potions of paralysis are quite common, and getting hit by one and paralyzed for several turns while surrounded by aligned priests or, worse, one of the Riders, can be very painful or even deadly. If you go in without one, it's wise to avoid being surrounded if at all possible and have an amulet of life saving or at least some potions of full healing ready for use.


In SLASH'EM, the ring does protect against grabbing attacks, including those of both drowning monsters and mind flayers, with a chance dependent on your Luck - 50% at 0 Luck, 90% when maxed out. It gives the message "<foo> grabs you, but you quickly free yourself!"


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