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Fumbling is a property acquired extrinsically by wearing gauntlets of fumbling or fumble boots. You also fumble when walking on ice unless you are wearing snow boots or are naturally cold resistant (e.g. a valkyrie or polymorphed into a winter wolf). Wearing cursed gauntlets of fumbling or fumble boots counts as a minor trouble.


  • Abuses dexterity every five turns.
  • Every d20 turns, you'll slip or trip and be helpless for 2 turns if you attempt to move that turn; if you're carrying more than a certain amount, you'll make noise and alert nearby monsters; if you're riding, you'll fall off.
  • You fall when going down stairs.
  • Your dexterity is abused if you try to move into a closed door.
  • Saddling ridable monsters is less likely to succeed.
  • Attempting to mount a steed will always fail.
  • Digging with an implement may not succeed, and may cause it to hit you or be dropped.
  • Your chance of disarming a trap is halved.
  • You have no chance of disarming a container trap or trapped door.
  • You have no chance of escaping traps.
  • Setting traps may cause them to go off.
  • Applying cans of grease can cause you to drop them.
  • You are less likely when applying a bullwhip to produce the desired effect, and may drop it instead.
  • Kicking monsters or objects is less likely to be successful.
  • As a Valkyrie, Mjollnir will hit your arm rather than be caught on its return.
  • Your multishot is impaired.
  • Returning boomerangs will hit you rather than be caught.
  • The following items will end up on the floor rather than in your inventory: