Fumble boots

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fumble boots
Appearance random
Slot boots
AC 1
Base price 30 zm
Weight 20
Material leather

A pair of fumble boots is a set of boots that appear in NetHack. They are magical boots that are made of leather, and have a randomized appearance when unidentified; the default one associated with them is "a pair of riding boots".[1]


Randomly generated fumble boots have a 910 chance of being cursed.[2]

General stores, used armor dealerships and antique weapons outlets can sell fumble boots.

Player monsters generated on the Astral Plane have an effective ~8.01% chance of generating with fumble boots.[3][4]


While worn, fumble boots grant 1 base AC and extrinsic fumbling: every 1d20 turns, a character wearing the boots will fumble, immobilizing them for 2 turns and ignoring free action.[5][6][7] Fumbling while wielding the corpse of a cockatrice or chickatrice will result in immediate stoning.

Wearing cursed fumble boots is considered a minor trouble.[8][9]


Fumble boots are generally undesirable to wear, and are one of many reasons why randomly wear-testing boots is a bad idea without at least identifying their beatitude (especially since they often generate as cursed) - prayer can help deal with cursed fumble boots. If fumble boots are used or sought out at all, they are generally employed as polyfodder.


Fumble boots weigh the same as speed boots and jumping boots at 20 aum, and have the same base cost of 30zm as levitation boots. Provided their beatitude has been identified, 20 aum boots are somewhat trivial to wear-test with: speed boots will auto-identify, while using the #jump extended command or pressing j with the number pad active can reveal jumping boots without having to move. Distinguishing them from levitation boots can be more difficult, since both are likely to generate cursed, but a character fortunate enough to obtain an uncursed pair of 30zm boots can wear-test them safely.


Fumble boots first appear in NetHack 3.0.0.



In SLASH'EM, the Lawful Quest has a 25 chance of generating a cursed -2 pair of fumble boots among the items found in the Chamber of Junk.


In GruntHack, fumble boots set the wearer's dexterity to 6, since low dexterity also causes intermittent fumbling.


In dNetHack and notdNetHack, fumble boots grant 0 base AC, 1 base DR and fumbling while worn.


In Hack'EM, upgrading fumble boots will produce elven boots and vice versa. All other details from SLASH'EM apply.