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speed boots
Appearance random
Slot boots
AC 1
Base price 50 zm
Weight 20
Material leather

Speed boots (also dubbed boots of speed) are one of the pairs of magical boots that appear in NetHack.


When worn, speed boots grant extrinsic very fast speed - as the only permanent source of such speed, these boots are a popular choice for an ascension kit.

Speed boots give a player an extra six movement points per turn, plus a 1/3 chance of an additional six movement points. This boosts the normal movement rate from 12 to 18 (150% normal speed, or 3 moves every 2 turns), with a 1/3 chance per turn of movement rate being 24 (200% normal speed, or 2 full moves per turn). On average, the player will thus get 20 movement points per turn (167% normal speed, or 5 moves every 3 turns). Wearing speed boots yourself does not allow you to move any faster when riding a steed.

Monsters can also wear speed boots, but they have the same effect as a wand of speed monster, potion of speed or the haste self monster spell.


Speed boots are the only source of extrinsic speed that doesn't time out, making them the default choice in most ascension kits. Very fast speed is a huge advantage over even intrinsic fast speed; by granting you more actions per turn, you deal more damage with weapons and spells, can more easily flee from combat, and can slip through gaps in hostile monsters before being surrounded.

Blessed fixed +2 or +3 speed boots are a common early wish. In the early game, gray or silver dragon scale mail is arguably a preferable option, but very fast speed is also a strong candidate, especially if you lack intrinsic speed.

While riding, your steed's speed supplants your own, so extrinsic speed is of little use to dedicated riders. Jumping boots allow your steed to jump, while water walking boots can save your life if you're dismounted over water. Bear in mind that no steed is immortal; you need to be prepared to continue on foot if necessary.

Speed boots are a valuable item in turncount speedrunning, due to their ability to give the player multiple actions without advancing the turn counter. However, an air elemental polyself, which can't wear boots, is even faster.


You feel yourself speed up.
You put on a pair of speed boots while at normal speed.
You feel yourself speed up a bit more.
You put them on while already at fast speed.
Your quickness feels more/less natural.
You gained/lost intrinsic speed while wearing the boots.



In SLASH'EM, Whisperfeet is an artifact pair of speed boots that, in addition to their normal effect, give stealth and act as a luckstone. They are the guaranteed first sacrifice gift for tourists. Additionally, due to the new create pool spell that monsters will cast at you, non-flying players may prefer water walking boots to speed boots as their primary shoe of choice in the late game.

Slash'EM Extended

In Slash’EM Extended, boots with the randomized appearance “speed boots” will function as speed boots in addition to their original effects.