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Duri is a notable monster that appears in NetHack: The Next Generation and SlashTHEM. In both variants, he is a blacksmith, @, that tends to The Forge and will forge selected artifact weapons for you at suitably hefty prices depending on the chosen artifact.


Duri is the sole blacksmith generated in both variants. He is only found within The Forge, and is always generated peaceful; on level creation, he is placed in the open gap between the walls that separate both portions of his workshop.


In NetHack: The Next Generation, Duri is on par with a shopkeeper in terms of strength, though he lacks any MR score.

In SlashTHEM, Duri has been buffed to roughly the power level of a black marketeer.[1] He generates with the powerful artifact heavy hammer Warforger, and wears silver dragon scale mail, a cloak of displacement, speed boots, and a helm of brilliance; he also has an amulet of life saving and four potions of full healing.


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