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[   Whisperfeet   Combat boots.png
Base item speed boots
When carried Luck
When worn stealth
When invoked (none)
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 20

In SLASH'EM, Whisperfeet is an artifact pair of speed boots that, in addition to their normal effect, give stealth and act as a luckstone when carried. They are the guaranteed first sacrifice gift for tourists.


Tourists should wait by the first altar they come across and sacrifice until they get these boots, using their ample starting food and money to sustain themselves. They are useful to any character, but particularly so to tourists, since early on they rely on pelting monsters with darts from a distance. The stealth is quite useful for avoiding waking up nymphs, while the increased luck helps the intrinsic searching ability tourists gain at XL 10.

Useful as they are, the boots are not really worth an artifact wish - the properties they provide can be superseded, while artifact wishes are best used for those artifacts with irreplaceable properties. In fact, SLASH'EM even has guaranteed speed boots in the Spider Caves. In short, any neutral should sacrifice to try to get these boots, especially since this gives a shot at Mirrorbright and the ever-useful Gauntlets of Defense as well, but they are not worth a wish.

If you are relying on these boots as your luckstone, remember that they are not intelligent, and so will not resist curses. Remember to re-bless them if they are cursed. This is important even if you have another luckstone, even an intelligent artifact such as the Heart of Ahriman or the Orb of Fate, since luckstone effects stack.