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[   Whisperfeet   Combat boots.png
Base item speed boots
When carried Luck
When worn stealth
When invoked (none)
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 20

Whisperfeet is an artifact that appears in SLASH'EM, dNetHack, SlashTHEM, and Hack'EM. It is neutral, and its base item is a pair of speed boots.


In addition to random generation, Whisperfeet is the guaranteed first sacrifice gift for Tourists.


While carried, Whisperfeet acts as a luckstone. When worn, it also confers stealth in addition to its other properties, i.e. very fast speed and any effects intrinsic to their randomized appearance.


Whisperfeet is a decent sacrifice gift for neutral characters, and Tourists in particular may consider them worth hanging around the first altar they come across in order to sacrifice for it. The relatively early Luck and speed can be a powerful aid in combat, and the stealth helps them avoid waking nymphs and other sleeping monsters, especially given the much more troublesome nymphs that can generate in SLASH'EM and its variants.

However, Whisperfeet is not intelligent and does not resist curses - be sure to re-bless them when necessary even if you have another luck item (e.g., the Heart of Ahriman or the Orb of Fate), since luckstone effects stack. Whisperfeet is also fairly unremarkable as an artifact wish, with stealth being the only hard property to replace: along with the usual guaranteed luckstone in Mines' End, a pair guaranteed speed boots appears in the Spider Caves.

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