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( Saddle.png
Name saddle
Appearance saddle
Base price 150 zm
Weight 200
Material leather
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A saddle is a leather tool needed to ride a monster.

Saddle a pet by applying the saddle to it - you need at least one free hand for this. It is possible to saddle a non-tame monster, but this is more difficult than saddling a pet, and you will not be permitted to ride the monster until it is tamed. To remove a saddle from a monster, use #loot, a knock spell, or a wand of opening. Nymphs and foocubi may also steal a monster's saddle.

Loot won't work if the saddle is cursed. Cancellation will not uncurse a saddle that is being worn by a monster.

Cursed saddles also prevent you from dismounting with the #ride command. You cannot uncurse them with a blessed scroll of Remove curse or Holy water. The only ways to get unstuck are to pray to have your god uncurse the saddle, to zap a wand or spell of knock downwards, ride downstairs while Burdened (does not work if your steed can fly), or to polymorph yourself or your steed into something that can't ride, including eating a mimic[1].

Saddles may be disintegrated if you or your steed doesn't have reflection.

Attempting to saddle a foocubus will abuse wisdom.


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