Spellbook of remove curse

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spellbook of
+   remove curse   Light green spellbook.png
Appearance random
Abundance 2.54%
Base price 300 zm
Weight 50
Turns to read 10
Ink to write 15–29
Spell type clerical
Level 3
Power cost 15 Pw
Direction non-directional
Equivalent scroll of remove curse
Special for priest

At unskilled or basic level this spell acts similar to an uncursed scroll of remove curse. At skilled or expert, like a blessed scroll. This spell can be helpful late in the game against Rodney, who likes to use the monster spell Curse items to curse your inventory.

This is an emergency spell. It is also the special spell for priests.


Casting this spell at unskilled or basic level will uncurse only all worn and wielded items, but if your weapon isn't cursed you can also use it to uncurse any item within your inventory. Simply wield the cursed item - you have to specify the inventory letter directly or press * to get the full list of your inventory, rather than the recommended weapons - and then cast the spell. The wielded item will then be uncursed. However, be careful that you don't wield any cursed two-handed weapons; NetHack will not let you cast spells when you have no free hands.

Remove curse is a very useful utility spell, allowing you to pick items up and try non-metallic armor on liberally (other than dunce caps); if it turns out to be cursed, just uncurse it and take it off. This even works on the amulet of strangulation, which gives you five turns to live, as long as you do have a low enough failure rate. For metallic armor (and conical hats), you need to be careful, since those may increase your spell failure rates, and you want to make sure that you can still cast the spell after putting on a piece of armor that you cannot take off. Although it is mostly outclassed in this regard by the identify spell, which you can cast beforehand to check items' BUC status (as well as identifying it)it can however remove curses already in place and those created by the curse items monster spell; for this reason it is becomes useful again late in the game for uncursing items cursed by the Wizard of Yendor, liches, and other high level spellcasters.

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