Vampire (starting race in dNetHack)

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For other uses, see Vampire.

dnethack offers a new playable race, Vampire.


  • Vampires may be Archeologists, Anachrononauts, Barbarians, Binders, Convicts, Nobles, Rogues or Wizards.
  • Vampires are unbreathing and start the game with poison res, drain res, flying and regeneration. They gain cold resistance at xp level 11 and polymorph control at xp level 21.
  • Vampires need to feed on blood, and have a special feeding attack that may trigger in melee, give minor nutrition and drain a level from the enemy. Corpses of blood-having monsters may be drained within a three turn window. Tinning kits will make blood potions for vampires, with blessed blood potions providing the best nutrition of all options (3/5ths of corpse value). Vampires will benefit from a ring of slow digestion.
  • Vampire hunger gets halved at xp level 10, reduced to 1/3 at level 20, and reduced to 1/4 at level 30.
  • Vampires are silver-hating, and as such will take increased damage from silver weapons.
  • neutral gods are ambivalent about undead player vampires, and may become angered by prayer (10% chance). This makes prayer unreliable for neutral vampires.
  • with the exception of Anachrononauts and particularly advanced Binders, no Vampire can ever #twoweapon. Being gifted Blade Dancer's Dagger will not unrestrict the skill. Dual use of the Blade Dancer's spear and dagger will be allowed, but no other #twoweapon combination can be used.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Vampire 19 20 20 18 18 20