Scroll of magic mapping

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? Scroll.png
Name magic mapping
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 4-7
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of magic mapping maps the entire current level, providing the scroll is not cursed, the level is mappable, and you are not confused.

Reading effects

Case Effect
blessed The whole level is mapped, and secret doors revealed
uncursed The whole level is mapped
cursed or confused 1/7 of the level's squares are mapped
non-mappable level You are confused for 1 to 30 (more) turns

Non-mappable levels

Some levels are non-mappable, which will make you confused when you read the scroll of magic mapping on the level and not let you map it. The list is as follows:


This scroll self-identifies when read.


Your mind is filled with crazy lines!
The level is non-mappable
Your <head> spins in bewilderment.
The level is non-mappable, and you are not hallucinating
Wow! Modern art.
The level is non-mappable, and you are hallucinating
A map coalesces in your mind!
The scroll was non-cursed
A map coalesces in your mind! Unfortunately, you can't grasp the details.
The scroll was cursed


These scrolls are a good way to map Gehennom, and, considering their utility, are surprisingly cheap to write with magic markers.



In UnNetHack, uncursed scrolls of magic mapping also reveal secret doors. Additionally, blessed scrolls detect objects on the level like uncursed potions of object detection, similar to their effect in SLASH'EM.


In SLASH'EM, reading a blessed scroll of magic mapping will reveal the presence of objects on the level as well, with the same effect as an uncursed potion of object detection.

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