Marauder's Map

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?   Marauder's Map   Scroll.png
Base item scroll of magic mapping
When carried (none)
When read clairvoyance
When invoked
Base price 2000 zm
Weight 10

The Marauder's Map is the first sacrifice gift for the Pirate role, incorporated into dNetHack, Slash'EM Extended, and SLASHTHEM. It is also the only artifact that Pirates can receive as a sacrifice gift.

The map is unusual among artifacts in that its base item is a scroll of magic mapping, which is normally single-use. Reading this scroll does not destroy it. To compensate, however, reading the map only reveals the surroundings of the user (as by clairvoyance), instead of complete magic mapping.

When #invoked, the Map first detects all objects on the level, then detects artifacts. The second check partially compensates for Pirates' inability to receive sacrifice gifts other than the Map. Because their deity won't give them additional artifacts, Pirates can only wish for artifacts or find them while exploring. The Map's invocation effect provides a way to check a level for generated artifacts the Pirate may have missed.

The Marauder's Map is chaotic for bones and wishing purposes.


The Marauder's Map is inspired by a magical object from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling: a map which Harry receives from Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. At first sight, the map appears to be a blank parchment, but when activated by a special incantation the parchment becomes a map of Hogwarts School, which reveals not only many of the school's secret rooms and passageways, but also the presence and identity of people within the school, whose names appear on the map at their exact location.

Despite their shared mythos, there is no special connection between the Marauder's Map as incorporated in the Slash'EM Extended version of the Pirate role, and the Harry Potter-inspired Death Eater role.


Reference: Chris's Pirate Patch