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q w e r t u i o p Alt
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c v n m ? Alt
A C R T O Alt
a c d o p r t [ Ctrl

The #untrap extended command will attempt to disable an adjacent trap if it can be disabled. This has a special interaction with pits, bear traps and spider webs, as it will instead attempt to help out any monster trapped in one, which may result in said monsters becoming peaceful. It is a good idea to untrap your pet should it fall victim to a beartrap or other trap. Lawful characters occasionally get a +1 alignment bonus for helping monsters out of a trap ("You feel that you did the right thing.") Attempting to help a footrice this way without wearing gloves will cause you to be petrified. When attempting to #untrap a squeaky board, the player will be asked for an item to apply, for which the intended response is a potion of oil or a can of grease with charges. Successfully untrapping a land mine or bear trap will recover a trap object that can later be applied by the player. Untrapping an arrow trap or dart trap will recover the appropriate type of projectiles. Many traps cannot be disarmed directly with this command; instead, it often suffices to dig a pit to replace it (if there is not already one there) and fill the pit.


You cannot untrap anything if you cannot reach the floor. You cannot untrap any trap if you are trapped in this or another trap, or if there is a monster on the square which is not trapped, or if the trap is hidden by a boulder, etc.


You can untrap containers, and following types of traps:

  • Spider web or bear trap. If there is a monster in it, you try to save it from the trap, otherwise you try to remove the trap. In case of success with bear trap, you receive bear trap as a tool.
  • Pit or spiked pit. If there is a monster in it, you try to untrap it, otherwise nothing happens. ("You are already on the edge of the pit", or "Try filling the pit first.")
  • Landmine. In case of success, you receive landmine as a tool.
  • Squeaky board. You are asked for an object to untrap it with. The object must be either noncursed, nonlit potion of oil, or noncursed can of grease with charges. In case of success, one potion of oil, or one charge of the can, is spent, the potion of oil becomes known (if you used it), and the trap is removed. "You repair the squeaky board."
  • Dart trap or arrow trap. In case of success, 50-rnl(50) darts or arrows are recovered.

Other kinds of traps cannot be untrapped. ("You cannot disable this/that trap.") However, there are alternative methods to remove most of them.

Probability and effects of failure

The base chance of disarming most traps is 1 in 3.[1] The full algorithm is:

  • Set difficulty to 3.
  • If it is a spider web, and not yours, increase to 30.
  • Add 1 if you are confused, hallucinating, or both.
  • Add 1 if you are blind.
  • Add 2 if you are stunned.
  • Double the difficulty if you are fumbling.
  • Subtract 1 for each of the following (if difficulty drops to 1, there are no further subtractions):
    • It is your own trap.
    • You are a high-level rogue (1 is subtracted with probability XL/60).
    • You are a rogue carrying your quest artifact, The Master Key of Thievery.
    • You are a ranger.

With probability of 1 in difficulty, you succeed. Otherwise, if rnl(5) = 0, you only get a message "This/That/Your (trap) is difficult to disarm/remove".[2]

If rnl(5) > 0, however, bad things happen:

  • If you tried to untrap a monster from bear trap, the monster is abused, loses hit points, and may die.
  • If you tried to untrap a monster from spider web, the web stretches to your square, and you become trapped in it.
  • If the trap is under you, it hits you.
  • If the trap is not under you, and there is no monster in it, you move into the trap.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Rangers always disarm bear traps if difficulty is at most 3. (commit e4cb3f08)

Other information

Attempting to #untrap a door will cause you to search the door for traps, after which you will be asked if you want to attempt to disarm it.

The command can also be used to detect or remove a container trap.

If the number_pad-option is on, you can press u to untrap.

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