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^ land mine Land mine.png
Generates level 6+, Fort Ludios
Effect Explodes, creates pit, wounds legs
( Landmine.PNG
Name land mine
Appearance land mine
Base price 180 zm
Weight 300
Material iron
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A land mine is a tool that can be carried around, and then applied to produce a land mine trap.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

As of commit 90ec36bc, land mines weigh 200 instead of 300.


If you #untrap an activated land mine trap, it will turn (back) into the land mine item.

Activated land mines are only randomly generated at dungeon level 6 or lower. There are also many in the treasure room in Fort Ludios.


Trying to set a land mine while fumbling, or setting a cursed landmine has a chance of detonating it instead. The chance is modified by Luck; if your Luck is maxed, the chances are very slim. Setting a land mine while riding a steed with Unskilled in Riding has the same chance of failure, and an even worse chance if also fumbling or using a cursed landmine, also causing it to detonate.

Land mines explode when triggered, which will do 1-16 damage, wound your legs and leave behind a pit. You may untrap a land mine from an adjacent square, and then pick it up and install it elsewhere, similar to a bear trap.

Monsters have only a 1 in 3 chance of setting off a land mine when they step on one.[1] Flying creatures are even less likely to set one off (and won't ever fall in the resulting pit), although there is still a slim chance that air currents will activate the mine.[2] Land mines can also be set off by rolling boulders.

Any items on the same square as an active land mine will be blasted around the room (or destroyed, if fragile) when it goes off.

A land mine that is triggered adjacent to a body of water like a pool or moat will create a pit that immediately fills with water, likely immersing you in the process.


Be careful, as you can set off your own land mines if you move on to that square or fail to untrap them. Ensure your land mine isn't cursed, you aren't fumbling, and you aren't riding.

Since some monsters tend to pick up items left lying around, you might be able to lure victims on to your land mines with bait that appeals to them.

Mine fields

Because monsters can often get past them, placing a single land mine is usually not that effective. However, you can set several mines to make a mine field, which might be handy for dealing with certain special rooms filled with monsters. You could also use a mine field to protect the area around a stash. It can also be used as a warning system to alert you to the presence of monsters: "Kaablamm! You hear an explosion in the distance!"


KAABLAMM!!! You triggered a land mine!
A land mine beneath you detonated.
KAABLAMM!!! <monster> triggers a land mine!
A monster set off a land mine.
Kaablamm! You hear an explosion in the distance!
An unseen monster set off a land mine.
You discover a trigger in a pile of soil below you.
You are levitating or flying over a land mine. The trap becomes identified.
KAABLAMM!!! The air currents set it off!
You are levitating or flying over a land mine, but it detonated anyway.
KAABLAMM!!! The rolling boulder triggers a land mine.
A rolling boulder trap rolled over and detonated a land mine.


In SLASH'EM, you can also recover a few more from Grund's Stronghold, assuming the monsters there don't set them off.


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