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Certain keys are used for menu controls:

Action Default key Configuration option Notes
Go to next page > menu_next_page In TTY, space is an alias for this.
Go to previous page < menu_previous_page
Go to first page ^ menu_first_page
Go to last page | menu_last_page
Select items on page , menu_select_page
Select all items . menu_select_all
Deselect items on page \ menu_deselect_page
Deselect all items - menu_deselect_all
Invert page selection ~ menu_invert_page
Invert all selected @ menu_invert_all
Search and toggle : menu_search Only implemented by the Amiga, Gem and X11 window ports.
Also available on NAO.

Also on some menus in the tty and curses interfaces, pressing the symbol representing an item class ($ ) [ ? ! + ( *) will toggle all items in the corresponding item groups. There is a patch to show that in the menu; NAO has it.

You can press m, to pick up items off the floor using a menu, even if you're using menustyle:traditional.