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Certain keys are used for menu controls:

Action Default key Configuration option Notes
Go to next page > menu_next_page In TTY, space is an alias for this.
Go to previous page < menu_previous_page
Go to first page ^ menu_first_page
Go to last page | menu_last_page
Select items on page , menu_select_page
Select all items . menu_select_all
Deselect items on page \ menu_deselect_page
Deselect all items - menu_deselect_all
Invert page selection ~ menu_invert_page
Invert all selected @ menu_invert_all
Search and toggle : menu_search Implemented by the TTY, Amiga, Gem and X11 window ports.

Also on some menus in the tty and curses interfaces, pressing the symbol representing an item class ($ ) [ ? ! + ( *) will toggle all items in the corresponding item groups. The menu_objsyms option shows that in the menu headings.

You can press m, to pick up items off the floor using a menu, even if you're using menustyle:traditional.