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#overview is an extended command that displays notable features of the explored dungeon. It can also be invoked with the keys ctrl + o or alt + O.

Here's an example of a dungeon overview:

The Dungeons of Doom: levels 1 to 3
    Level 3:
      Stairs down to The Gnomish Mines.
The Gnomish Mines: levels 4 to 11
    Level 7:
      Many shops, a temple, some fountains.
    Level 10: <- You are here.
    Level 11:

The final output of #overview, displaying everything you've learned about the dungeon so far, is available as one of the screens of information offered after the question 'Do you want your possessions identified?'

For each level you have seen, the game prints out any level annotation chosen one with the name command, and then prints out any interesting features.

The game keeps track of what dungeon features you have seen.

The game keeps count of the features you have seen. Two shops are reported as "some shops" while three or more shops are "many shops".

Some features that are listed include: shops, altars, temples, thrones, fountains, sinks, graves, and trees. If there is only one shop, the type of shop is listed.

Stairs and portals to other levels are listed.

Special levels are listed, with the rogue level called a "primitive area". If the castle passtune is known and you have seen the castle level, then the passtune is printed.

The name, role, and type of death of bones are listed if you have seen the location where the deceased died. [1]


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