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For the information about NetHack versions, see Game history

The #version extended command displays information about your version of NetHack. For a short one-line version information, you can press v.

Along with the version number, useful information about the set compile-time options and available windowing systems are shown. Certain things can be compiled in or out of the game; #version will show a list of all options compiled in. Within the options compiled in is a range of versions that save and bones files from the current version will be compatible with.

Supported windowing systems are shown. #version, for example, informs if the tty and GUI systems are available.


Depending on your settings, using the version command might display something like the following:

Windows NetHack Version 3.6.0 - last build Mon Dec 07 08:33:20 2015. (x86)

Options compiled into this edition:
    color, data librarian, insurance files for recovering from crashes,
    exclusive lock on level 0 file, log file, news file, restore saved games
    via menu, screen clipping, screen control via WIN32 console I/O, user
    sounds, system configuration at run-time, save and bones files accepted
    from version 3.6.0 only, pattern matching via cppregex
    and basic NetHack features.

Supported windowing systems:
    traditional tty-based graphics and mswin
    with a default of mswin.