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Travel is a feature in some NetHack ports that allows one to move quickly along any already explored path on the current level. Travel is especially helpful when used to move to staircases or thrones quickly. NetHack uses a shortest-path algorithm to find a safe route to the destination, which is then carried out quickly. Your travel will be interrupted if something sufficiently "interesting" happens, as with the g command; as of NetHack 3.6.3, this also includes engravings.

Travel is activated using the underscore _ key, then selecting a destination, then pressing the period . key. For example, to travel to the down staircase on the current level, type _>., or to travel to an altar type __.. Some ports allow travel to be activated by mouse-clicking (or touching with a touch-screen) on the destination. The travel command can also be prefixed with m to pop up a menu of interesting targets in sight, from which you can select the travel target.

The travel configuration option turns the travel command on/off. The runmode configuration option determines how often the screen updates when travelling and running.

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